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Welcome To RuishengChaoying

Xuzhou RuishengChaoying Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer, focus on independent research and development, production and sales of medical ultrasound diagnostic systems and veterinary ultrasound scanners.The headquarter is located in Xuzhou, a famous historical and cultural city in China, with R&D purchasing centers in Beijing, Shenzhen, and Hangzhou. It is a long-term strategic partner with well-known domestic universities and research institutes.Xuzhou is one of the birthplaces of China's ultrasound industry.

RSCY has a profound history of ultrasound. The core team has nearly 20 years of R&D and design experience in ultrasound field. The company starts from the design source, focusing on quality and service. Product is moral standing, and culture is the personality. We attach great importance to every process of product development, production and testing to ensure the long-term interests of our partners. The core products of the company involve three major sectors: medical ultrasound, pet ultrasound, and animal husbandry ultrasound.

The products have passed international certifications such as CE and FDA, and have been exported to more than 100 countries in Asia, Europe, America, and Africa. The products have been unanimously recognized by domestic and foreign partners. Focus makes us more professional. We support the market with high-quality , occupy the market with excellent service. Looking forward to the future, we are forging ahead and strive to become the industry leader in the ultrasound field.

why choose us

Innovation drives development, Quality leads consumption, Local to the world.


In recent years, the R&D department has been constantly expanding and strengthening its staff. The existing R&D base is more than 10,000 square meters, with more than 50 R&D staff, who apply for patents more than 20 times a year. R&D investment has accounted for 12% of the total sales volume and is growing at a rate of 1% per year. In the development of new products, RUISHENG users feedback is very important, we attach great importance to cooperation and communication, we believe that a good product will be highly appraised by users. In addition to new developments, existing products are constantly being developed and improved. In all development, accuracy, stable and high quality are always our insistence.


The ultrasonic technology team is composed of domestic experts in the ultrasonic field, including 3 core members and 8 auxiliary members. The core technical personnel have worked in the ultrasonic field for at least 15 years. The chief engineer can independently develop domestic leading high-tech products on analog signal platform, digital signal platform and PC platform.
The company has 2 software engineers, mainly responsible for the development and maintenance of operating system. The independent operating system can not only keep pace with The Times, meet the market demand, but also develop a school of its own, and create a simple, easy to understand ultrasonic operating system.


Power Of Product

At present, Resound Ultrasound mainly has three business segments: medical ultrasound, pet medical ultrasound and animal husbandry ultrasound.

The products include notebook color super, notebook black and white super, handheld black and white super.

The scope of enterprise cooperation involves all countries and regions in the world.

Enterprises have independent research and development team, support OEM or ODM, for partners to design market unique products to provide the possibility.

Our Team

Quality first, best service is our product service philosophy.

The company has always been adhering to presenting the best products and services to customers, not only allowing people and even animals to enjoy the same medical conditions. The production line has always been strict in quality control, and after-sales has been dedicated to customer maintenance.

The development of the company is inseparable from unity and cooperation. While working hard, we do not forget the team's expansion activities.

The company often conducts outdoor expansion activities to enhance the cohesion of the team.

I hope everyone can twist into a rope for the development of the company. Contribute one's own meager strength. Accumulate steps to a thousand miles.