Image Refreshing, Comprehensive Measurement Package Ultra-Thin Body, Lightweight And Portable

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Main Functions And Features
1, 15-Inch Lcd Medical Display Screen
2, Double Probe Interface, With Automatic Identification Function
3, Using High-End Arm System, Image Acquisition And Processing More Intelligent
4, Removable Lithium Battery, Battery Capacity Of 6000 Mah, 4.5 Hours Of Battery Life
5, 128 Array Hd Probe, Transmitting Ultrasonic Signal More Dense, Higher Image
6, With B, 2b, 4b, M, B/M Five Display Modes
7, Four Encoders, Knob Design, Quick And Convenient Operation
8, Simple Operation Interface, Easy To Understand, Ready To Use
9, Movie Playback: 256 Frames, Frame By Frame Playback And Pause Playback, Pause Playback Can Be Saved And Measured
10, Operation Interface: Chinese/English Interface
11, Electron Focusing: Four Electron Focusing;
12, Posture Marks: ≥98;
13, Frequency Conversion: All Probes Support Five-Section Frequency Conversion;
14, Image Mirror: Up And Down Mirror, Left And Right Mirror, Black And White Flip;
15, Measurement: Professional Software Measurement Package, Including Gynecology, Urology, Kidney, Heart, Thyroid And Other Specialist Measurement Packages;
16, Character Display: Date, Clock, Name, Gender, Age, Doctor, Hospital, Notes (Full-Screen Character Editing);
17, Dynamic Range: 0-135db
18, Interface: Video Interface, Usb Interface Two, Dicom Interface, Svga Interface, Power Interface
19, Permanent Storage: Built-In 16g Storage, Can Also Be Connected To The External U Disk Storage
20, Grey Scale: 256 Levels
21, Gain Range: 0 ~ 100db
22, With Puncture Guidance Function, The Position Of Puncture Line Can Be Adjusted
23, With Gravel Positioning, Dynamic Target Tracking Function
24, Front Processing: Variable Aperture, Dynamic Trace, Dynamic Digital Filtering, Etc
25, After Processing: 8 Kinds Of γ Correction, Line Correlation, 16 Level Frame Correlation, Point-Line Correlation, Linear Interpolation, Digital Temporal And Spatial Filtering, Digital Tick Edge Enhancement, 8 Kinds Of Pseudo-Color Processing
26, Blind Area: ≤4
27, Maximum Display Depth :300mm;
28, Geometric Accuracy: Horizontal ≤5%, Longitudinal ≤5%
29, Resolution: Lateral ≤2mm, Axial ≤1mm
30, Display Ratio: 16 Display Modes; Pathological Diagnosis Is More Accurate.
Enhanced Depth Display.
31, Host Size: 360mm(L)*355mm(W)*65mm(H)
Packing Size: 500mm*500mm*230mm
32, Net Weight: 4.2kg; Gross Weight: 7.5 Kg

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