Myths About Ultrasound During Pregnancy (2)

When the ultrasound procedure is complete I can get a report?
All important and good things take time to prepare. The USG report contains many parameters and specific patient information that needs to be entered into the system to produce accurate and meaningful information. Please be patient for thorough examination before submitting.

Is 3D / 4D / 5D ultrasound more accurate than 2D?
3D / 4D / 5D ultrasound looks stunning but doesn’t necessarily add technical information. Each type of USG provides different information. 2D ultrasound is more accurate in amniotic fluid and growth assessment as well as the majority of birth defects. One 3D provides more detail and depth imaging, giving the patient a better understanding. This can be more accurate to detect physical defects in the fetus, such as curved lips, deformed limbs, or problems with spinal nerves, while 4D and 5D ultrasounds provide more information about the heart. Therefore, different types of ultrasound serve a variety of purposes, and one is not necessarily more accurate than the other.

Do normal USGs guarantee 100 percent of normal fetuses?
Fetus is not an adult and continues to grow structurally and functionally every day. The best condition seen at three months may become unclear as the baby grows and may not be seen for only six months. Therefore, you need multiple scans over a period of time to avoid losing most of the major defects.

Can the USG give an accurate pregnancy or estimated fetal weight?
The accuracy of the measurement depends on many factors such as pregnancy, maternal BMI, any previous surgery, baby position, and so on, so keeping in mind all these factors, it is not always true, but it is accurate. You will need a variety of ultrasounds during pregnancy to ensure the baby’s growth. Just like the annual examinations conducted to assess a student, USGs are required at intervals to assess the growth and development of infants.

Does this ultrasound painful?
This is a painless procedure. However, sometimes when performing an ultrasound such as transrectal or transvaginal scan, you may feel a bit uncomfortable.

Post time: Jun-30-2022