The usage of B-ultrasound machine includes the following aspects

First B super machine used to choose a stable power supply, should have ground wire, equipped with a voltage regulator, plug the power wires of the ultrasound machine second on voltage regulator Master B ultrasonic instrument panel indicates the function keys, examining a patient, in switch of the function keys steps have to be very skilled, if poor image display to be adjusted The third Check for different parts of the check when the patient to choose suitable probe, such as check the superficial organs, such as thyroid breast the choice of the frequency of high frequency probe in 10-12 MHZ check abdominal organs, such as the liver bile pancreatic spleen, the choice of the frequency in the low frequency probe 3.5 5 hz If you examine the heart, choose medium frequency probe frequency in Hertz 6-8 Fourth day after finishing the patient, first gently wipe the probe with a soft cloth, and then disinfect the probe, gently placed on the probe bracket for regular cleaning and dust removal of B-ultrasound instrument, the examination room should also be regularly sterilized by infrared ray

Post time: Jul-09-2022