Training T6 in Dalian, Liaoning, China.

We have always been the No. 1 in the market in the field of animal husbandry ultrasonics in China. It’s not just that our products are of excellent quality and fair prices. Meanwhile, service is our focus.
Our trainers travel all year round in China, training consumers for partners in various regions. Allow consumers to use ultrasonic scanners faster and better. Help partners to better manage their careers.

In August, our trainers went to Liaoning, Dalian, China. Help with local partner training. The effect is very good! It has been strongly recognized by consumers and partners!

We don’t just distribute machines to our partners and help our partners train their customers, that’s one of our business priorities! We will recruit Russian, Spanish, French, Arabic and other training teachers in the later period. Help global partners grow their business!.

Post time: Aug-26-2022