What is the difference between 2D 3D 4D HD 5D 6D scan?


> 2D ultrasound provide two-dimensional black and white images of your baby where you can perform your scan at your clinic or hospital to know the basic growth of your baby. There are three different types of 2D scan which are 2D growth scan, 2D full detail scan, and 2D partial detail scan.


3D 4D scan

> 3D scans will be the static picture while the 4D scans will be the live video. Whereby you can get 2 format images in jpeg format and video in format will be included inside your cd.


HD scan / 5D scan

> HD scan will be about the same as 3D4D, it is not 5D scan due to no extra dimension can be found. HD means high definition whereby the texture of the HD scan is more clear and similar to your baby skin. Hence, the images of your baby will look more real. There are so many clinics outside name HD scan as 5D scan, to avoid, HD/5D scan will be categorized as same.


6D scan (previously known as 5d cine)

> it is in HD/5D scan baby video plus you will be wearing a SPEC and watch thru the TV. You will experience the extra 1D dimension.

Post time: Jun-08-2022