C6 Wireless Doppler Ultrasound Diagnostic Instrument

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Digital imaging technology, clear image, high cost performance

Wireless connection, easy to operate and carry

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Digital imaging technology, clear image, high cost performance

Wireless connection, easy to operate and carry
C6 wireless color superconvex array probe
3.5mhz, 128 array, just one probe, image wirelessly transmitted on iPad or iPhone display
Standard configuration: wireless probe, charging cable
Fan-shaped diffusion imaging, detection range is large and deep, suitable for abdominal, prostate, obstetrics and gynecology, cardiac examination.
Good applicability, convenient and quick, lightweight and practical.
Highlights of the new product: this product is highly integrated and miniaturized hardware circuit, concentrates the host circuit into the probe, realizes the product's low power consumption design and effective control of heating, and can last for 5 hours. ; It realizes the wireless transmission of ultrasonic image information through Wifi, with large capacity, no loss, high speed and long distance transmission to tablet, mobile phone and other intelligent terminals. The product will be able to well meet the needs of clinical application, bring convenience to the work of medical staff, improve the work effect, but also bring more rapid and timely diagnosis and treatment services for patients, thus creating huge social benefits. At the same time, with its small size and convenience, it can meet the needs of clinical and emergency departments and become a diagnostic tool for medical staff as well as stethoscope. Combined with the telemedicine assistance platform, it is gradually promoted to primary medical institutions to improve the level of primary medical care and provide services for the primary level. Even as the price of the product drops or the rental model is adopted to solve the price barrier, it gradually enters the family and becomes a self-guided daily examination tool for patients combined with the telemedicine assistance platform. It is an ultrasonic imaging tool, which can also be regarded as a handheld ultrasound, which is very portable.
At present, b-ultrasound equipment in domestic hospitals is still the traditional kind of bulky, patients need to make an appointment in advance and queue up, the procedures are very complicated, and must be done by special departments, doctors can not be used in clinical, portable diagnosis at any time

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