Hot sell N30 Color Doppler ultrasound

Short Description:

* 15-inch high-resolution progressive scan with a wide angle of view. The resolution is 1024×768 pixels, and the image display area measures 640×480.

* Internal 128GB hard disk for patient database management

* Two active universal transducer ports that support standard(curved array)Probe

* B-mode: Fundamental and THI, Color Flow Mapping (Color), B/BC Dual Real-Time

* Power Doppler Imaging (PDI), PW Doppler ,M-mode

Product Detail

Product Tags

  1. Tissue Harmonic ImagingTHI

Tissue Harmonic Imaging (THI) is a recently developed innovative technology. It utilizes the principle of nonlinear interaction between sound waves and tissues, adopts the low-frequency fundamental wave emission, improves the diagnostic accuracy.

         2.Synthetic Aperture Beam Synthesis (SABS)

Completely break through the traditional DAS beam synthesis algorithm’s limitation on the number of physical channels, and obtain excellent image quality from near-field to far-field with smaller hardware scale and angular transmit energy.

         3.Emission Point-By-Point Focusing Technology

Simultaneous calculation of the transmit and receive greatly improves imaging precision and accuracy.

         4.Speckle Noise Suppression Technology

Effectively removes speckle noise from ultrasound images, obtaining clearer and more detailed 2D images.

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