Farm use Touch Screen T6 Cattle Ultrasound Scanner

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Farm use Touch Screen T6 Cattle Ultrasound Scanner

* 7-inch touch screen display, simple but not simple, button + touch screen operation mode.

* Support Probe: 3.5Mhz convex probe, 6.5MHz Micro-convex probe, 6.5MHz veterinary linear probe, 7.5MHz High-frequency linear probe, 3.5MHz back fat probe, long-handle goat probe.

* Measurement Target: Bovine, equine, feline, swine, fish, snake,llama etc.

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    ● 7-inch large touch display, internal and external tempered glass dual screens

    ● screen can be rotated 180°, convenient for left-handed or right-handed user

    ● Veterinary rectal probe without conversion box for convenient operation

    ● Keys + touch screen, multiple operation modes

    ● Support probes: 3.5MHz abdominal convex array probe, 6.5MHz micro-convex small animal probe, 6.5MHz veterinary rectal probe, 7.5MHz high frequency line array probe, 3.5MHz back fat probe

    ● 256-frame video playback, image measurement note and save function

    ● Image processing: γ correction (0-7), frame correlation (0-3), line correlation (0-5), edge enhancement (0-3), left and right flip (0-1), sixteen kinds of pseudo-color processing.

    ● Accessories: shades, straps, convenient for user to operate

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